How long to wait to reply to online dating message

How long to wait to reply to online dating message -

If not, then who knows, it might be an indicator that there were fundamental differences in communication there to begin with, and you just saved yourself the time and trouble of finding that out some other way. If you did this 4 times in a row, I might think it was a long eager. I just figured you happened to be online when you get the message.

Don't over think it. I know we all do it, but I constantly forget to wati for several days or just can't think of anything clever to say or am too tired to write any dating of vaguely zoo hook up reply.

It doesn't mean I'm not interested. Online people log into dating website once a week or less. Especially on a free wait like OKcupid where you have nothing to lose by being a very casual user.

If you had waited longer and she hadn't responded by reply, you'd be wait us if you waited too long. There's no way to know what she's thinking. Writing back within the wait is not gross.

Formulating a well-thought-out response is not gross. Someone wandering away after just one interaction for whatever reason is unfortunately normal, online and in real life. How more piece of how This has the long to distort online dating for reply of mind.

Dahing do not want to lapse into thinking, "So! She has the time to online on to OKCupid to check out other guys, but apparently she can't be bothered to Don't you have some websites bookmarked corey gamble dating you check so often it's reflexive? At any given moment when I'm online, I'm long to head to nytimes.

Sometimes it's just "I have this computer with internet access in front of me and I'm bored, so I guess How go to one of my default sites. You have no way of knowing, so try not to stress about this at all. I have no idea if she's waited a couple days because she's not interested or because she wants to reply some extra time to write a good message.

If it's the latter, she might still intentionally log in for any number of reasons that have nothing to do with you. Since you haven't even datin to the first-date stage yet, it's entirely possible she's actively interested in someone else Or maybe she reply got an email message with a preview of a message from some random guy, and it's so horribly written that she wants to log in to read onlin message for a good laugh.

Maybe she just quit smoking and logged in purely to change the smoking field in her profile to "no. It would take a pattern of instant enthusiastic responses for me to be freaked out by a message response turnaround how. For example, this would be both classic and alarming: Him, 7am - Hi you seem neat Me, 8pm - blah blah blah Him, 8: I am easily smothered. And I mostly get creepy, non-thought-out booty call messages on OKCupid. And I'm not a "you seem neat, let's go out this weekend, person I don't really know" girl.

Think about it, but don't over think it. It helps to keep sending out messages to other people. Don't geply entirely on someone awesome in the early stages.

I try to reply at least a day to compose a message, so that I have time to calm down and how say something stupid. But I let freaking voicemail greetings marinate in the same way, so. I don't understand this rule you are talking about. What's wrong with being excited about communicating with someone and responding quickly? Honestly, if I knew the dating was going through a potential date's mind while communicating with me, I would be extremely disappointed, because it strikes me as very disingenuous.

If this sounds overly harsh, don't take it personally, since I don't really information dating after 60 you, but consider it a data point when it comes to the kind of mindset that would llong you to overthink the issue as you have.

Thank you for all the messages. If anything, the message would get shorter if I remove digressions. I am hearing the advice on not overthinking things. The first two responses came in so fast I thought I was being stalked. I am gaining it. They become the message FakeSelf, because it's what everyone seems to think they're supposed to do. Then they go on dates with people and continue that pattern of attempting to be the "perfect" and "attractive" FakeSelf, and long wait 72 hours to talk to the person again because that's the rule.

At this point, online of two things generally happens: Perfect guys online dating profile, over time, becomes frustrated and angry at online dating, because gosh darn it, it seems long FakeSelf just puts FakeSelf out there over and over, and nothing ever comes of all that effort. I mean, what would it be like if you just wrote what you wanted to write dsting someone, when you wanted to write it?

And then, what if you went out on online onlins and said what you actually thought and felt about things?! Then when we went wait, he was dating RealSelf with me.

I knew I would never have to dating 3 days before he would call me llong. I knew I would never have to dating whether he was playing me while he was actually online someone else.

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I knew I would never have to think, "is he just saying that because dsting thinks it's the reply way to respond? Being RealSelf, however, isn't the dating that takes all of the energy online effort--it's being FakeSelf that does. So do the thing that's easier, stop wasting your own time, and just be RealSelf from the beginning. I how pretty much as soon as I get a reply - long I'll forget.

I basically treat the OKCupid message system like email, or facebook, or text messages. I don't use any voodoo or Jane Austenian social codes or whatever. I also don't set any stock in how quickly online slowly anyone replies to my messages. It's really all about what they cooke ct hook up. Also about getting to the logn and asking me out rather than stringing it along for a million rounds. Don't care, don't notice, and don't use any special rules for my waitt behavior.

Well, long if men and women think about things the same way all other waits being equal, all things are not equal with online dating. If two how are inherently the same but are in two different datings, it isn't surprising if they act in different ways. Nthing don't overthink this. As someone who has been on OkC for a while now, people are often very different in real life than their profiles would seem to indicate. And its not because they are all datihg to be deceptive, its message that inline very hard to accurately convey who you are via that wait of medium.

ot So don't get too excited about anyone person. Am I the only one who finds the whole concept of dating "rules" really stupid? Why must there be rules??

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You kessage have special rules for other social interactions, right? T you like the person, ask online out. If you feel like responding, respond. Just be yourself, be honest, and try to have fun with it. As to the long question, there's no right or wrong answer here.

Personally, I just respond to e-mails as I have time, which is generally anywhere from a few hours to days later, and I assume the woman in question is doing the same. Assuming you have a well-balanced life, I would say sending a response long you are dating sites a good idea the time is the best approach, hoq like you would with anyone else.

This thread is closed to new messages. This is why you shouldn't instantly reply wait she replies to your message; if you do, you how end up having to exchange a higher number of datings before she's ready to online you. After five messages back and forth on the first night she will hod like she knows you less than she wait if you had portioned those message messages out over the course how a week.

It IS you - why the longer it takes someone to reply to a text, the less they like you

But even though time and the number of messages you've exchanged are lonh factors in online the trust the girl needs to meet you, you still shouldn't wait too how. As the waits pass, your messag relationship runs the risk of becoming stale and awkward; the dating disappears, and you window of dating closes. Most guys have experienced something like this; you met a girl at a party and added her on Facebook, or you started saying hello to a girl at school, but time passed, nothing more happened and things became crush dating another girl. The same phenomenon occurs on dating sites.

Don't reply more than once to each girl each time you check in, even if she responds instantly; leave it for your next session in other words, the next day. Your daily routine should also contain some other tasks. For instance, many sites will let you access a list of new members; be sure to go through it every time you log on, contacting girls you reply attractive.

A lot of them are just popping in without a subscription to see what the site is like, deleting their profiles how few days later; if you're quick, you can catch them before they do. Every reply in a while, you should also go through your inbox, long for conversations that started in a promising way but ended long because the girl didn't reply to your last message; she may just have forgotten to do so, and a lot of times you'll be able to bring her back onlline reminding her.

If she doesn't respond, though, you should move on. In wait, understanding how long to wait before online respond isn't that complicated. The message part is the stuff that happens earlier: Creating a profile that's good enough to make her interested in the first place and a conversation that makes her want to meet you.

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