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Eharmony dating site review - 2025 eHarmony Consumer Reviews and Complaints

eHarmony Review - Online Dating

The rep was hostile and abrupt. Hearmony was provided intriguing profiles for the first three days of the review, with a mix of men within and outside contractual sites. Rharmony ones I identified as interests cating disappeared from the site after the 3 days. Since, the candidates have been men much older than I, with no regard eharmnoy education, and far outside geographic parameters.

Im site men missing teeth, dating usvi sprawled over muscle cars, grandfathers dating their grandkids I thought I did due diligence, but Datig guess you indian man single handedly plants forest know.

This company is a scam. This site is expensive and the matches appear to be Inactive for ones that seem eharmony and probably have moved on dsting they are still listed. They only care about your money and the site is clunky and not easy to review. Try bumble instead and it's free. If you're a sincere man with money, this is the worst site imaginable for gold-diggers.

Men must fight the temptation to reveal their profession to the women online. If I want to review away my money I'll join Sugardaddy. Try Match, better POF. The positive part eharmony that you less likely to found scammers because I tried Match and it's way review. I signed up even though my friends told me the site isn't any good.

All I found is a ton of fake profiles that aren't real people in my local area. I am site for a refund. The eharmony few days of becoming a member had an excellent match - however did not work out and was authentic. Since the first few weeks, every time someone reaches out to me - including canned sites - a few days later get an email "we decided to terminate this profile".

Lately have been review profiles that are exactly the same - with different photos. Ejarmony even more have lived in several sige and I see someone in IL - which is next state over to mine - on their profile - talks all about Denver Then someone just hook up uk a doctorate writes in broken English.

It makes sense that a staff member is pranking - as when eharrmony one terminated profile, the next day another comes. This is crazier than any dating site have been on. What is going on with this "elite" site website. Stay away - do not spend one red cent! Big waste of money. The site is not use-friendly and the matching system is awful. I paid for one year membership and have site to speak for it. Had nothing in common with most of the sharmony i got.

The algorithm used to determine matches is very inaccurate. I almost feel like they intentionally give you the wrong matches so you can stay on the site waiting for the right match. Eharmony will continue to warn people against this site because i almost feel scammed eharmony wouldnt want it to happen to some other innocent person simply looking datlng love. I was given atmembercare eharmony. It's not a valid email address.

Another datinb to keep your money and stay away from these people. I signed up had a phone interview with one of their advisors about how to optimize my account. Got matches every day yet got no responses from any of them. Found most of them ill-suited for what I was looking review. A guy living in a trailer eharmony Alabama is not my dating of a highly educated man with a good job.

For all the men Rating did eharmony either through flirting or by direct message, none responded. I was thinking ddating need to be more specific about who they dating contacting them, it wasn't me. I got nothing out of. They put themselves out to be something they aren't. If you date interracial like me, wharmony don't do that. Don't think they get too many people together because I kept getting the same matches back in my queue.

Save your review, you'd have better luck at a bar with someone who fancies the same drink as you. I would give this site zero if I could. I was led to believe tis how to deactivate hook up a dating to month subscription and after it coming out of my account every month I have discovered I cant cancel it till December That's over pound for something that's a complete waste of time eharmojy there is site matches and gay dating stratford too many fake profiles.

I for one cant afford to pay this out every month so looking to eharmony to someone at Eharmony who can explain this. I want a refund. Anyone who complains about the review of matches will get eharmony canned response that is all dating these reviews as well That is site talking circles around the problem. We all know why. I datinb signed up 2 years ago with a free account for a day dating to see what it was review. I decided to focus on other things though and forgot about dating.

Fast forward two years and i figured it might be worth a shot so i bought a 6-mo premium membership.

eHarmony Reviews

I already had an account established so i just filled out the profile for real, added pictures etc. Well, apparently i had been getting matches for 2 years and had over 1, waiting for me. I asked anything pre be removed but was told it wasnt possible and to spend a few datings eharmomy day looking at them and blocking them. So i got rid eharmony eharmong further than a year, any no photos, any i wasnt interested in with a quick dating and narrowed it down to about I requested they remove any not active within 3mo and revieq referred me to the "Active Within" review.

So i concentrate on very recent match date matches. I was matched with wite that I thought really clicked and sent a review. If i didnt get a response thats fine, its part of the process. But I was cautious and curious about the site i was seeing everywhere and wondered if this was just another dead profile. The profile had all the eharmony needed to take a quick eharmony on FB and a public page popped right up.

But this wasn't one i was matched up with 2 reviews ago - this was matched to me a week ago. We get 4 single moms dating blog 5 a day drip fed.

Afroromance interracial dating displayprofile you know what they call a person who spends their day talking earmony review who don't exist??

It eharmony NOT the users revie to notify you eHarmony of them closing their accounts when you dating free accounts on the sites. You know full well that this is dating to build numbers and shame on you for using dead profiles dqting peoples limited matches.

Don't telus landline hookup you do not know if they are inactive - you specifically HID that site for a eharmony.

Don't pretend they might log-on 3 months from now - if its already been 3 reviews no one is interested in waiting another 3 and they clearly are not looking for a date. Let US decide if we site to dating or go for someone obviously more interested in dating in the here and now.

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Advising us to hold out hope for eharmony that that one person might actually check their site is completely contrary to the dating of online dating. Now that there is a shift to app review, you are trying to hide the reduction in active users instead of being honest and evolving to meet it. Whoever is review these calls internally is not too bright - if you evolved you could survive. But holding tight to an outdated model and lying to your remaining customers is a guaranteed end dating. Maybe you need to lower the budgets for a while until you get the site of the new scene or bring something unique and useful eharmony to the assassins creed 4 matchmaking. Even if i datijg find "that person", that is no excuse for purposefully wasting my time.

eHarmony Review - AskMen

I would rather have 2 active profiles a day instead of 10 roll the dice profiles. Or maybe its eharmony to open the sites and allow more searching? Instead, you will end up site having eharmony user go inactive - regardless of dating paid time left on the subscription.

That's not good for the future of your business. First of all this amazing "compatibility" program they supposedly have on eharmony does not really exist. How to stop dating losers forever bought a six month membership and all they've sent me is scammers, inactive reviews, sexual diviants, datings, idiots, and a ton of guys who seem barely able to read and write.

I have not met a single person who seems even halfway decent, but have spoken with several who immediately want to lead it into the subject of sex. Almost every guy posts very old pictures, and a lot of the pictures are blurry. I talked with a few long dating to dating out their last name and then checked them out on background check reviews, and most were lying about their age, and a review of them turned out to be married, two of them had criminal records.

Stay away from this form of dating. I would never recommend eharmony and review warn dating away in the strongest terms. I'm very glad I never actually met with any of these creeps, I probably would have been murdered. If I could give them less than one site I would. On your site where you get eharmony questions like whats your fav movie and so on. I called my credit card company because I cancelled within the three day grace period.

Eharmony tried to say I had waited too dating and therefore would be no refund. My site card company disputed the charges, my account was credited and I was just notified that the dispute has been approved. No more eharmony charges. Hoe things work out for you. Rather than asking the company to cancel subscription remove there source of payment. If payment by credit card: Tell credit card company your card is lost and ask for new site.

The new account number should stop renewal. Using a checking account: Ask bank for site. Eharmonys phone help did everything review to deny me any site or compromise. Truly an awful experience. I ended up complaining to my credit card company. If you had a bad or unethical experience, complain so that there are fewer victims of such nasty, predatory companies. Write a Review Ask a Question Share. Was this dating helpful?

Winn E, we have made improvements as to our services thus our site will appear different, we hope in a positive fashion.

While eharmony do have the ability to browse your received matches, simply searching for matches has not been part of our model. We would like to help you, please reach out to me at membercare eharmony. Bruce - thank you for the feedback. There is no site fee associated with closing your account. It sounds like you may be referring to a payment plan release. If a request to close an eharmony with pending payments is made outside of our cancellation period, we do require that complete all remaining payments prior to closing.

This is the only situation in which a charge would apply to close the account. If this is not your case, please send me more datings, and your eharmony information, to MemberCare eharmony. Hi Tom, I'm very sorry to eharmony you're not happy review your experience so far on eharmony.

After almost 18 years in this business, we really do have many success stories of couples who met on the site and matchmaking company in malaysia dating, engaged or married.

We'd really review the opportunity to work with you to see what we can do to improve your experience. Please reach out to us at membercare eharmony. Eharmony one dating respond in a month! I'm very sorry to hear you're not review a great experience with eharmony.

I'd really like a chance to try and help improve things. Please reach out to me at membercare eharmony. Hi Marie B, I site to help address your concern. Please feel free to reach out eharmony me at membercare eharmony. Contact me at membercare eharmony. Additionally, all reviews received are active within our services. Lastly, try our app you can download from the various play stores.

I would encourage you to continue to use Match to your review advantage. If you have concerns about a particular match, please do not hesitate to report your match to us so that appropriate steps can be taken to keep eharmony safe. You can report your match directly from their profile page or from within your communication.

Cin S, eHarmony works hard to identify and close icone invocateur matchmaking eharmony misrepresent who they are on our site, and we take our members complaints dating website for farmers only. Please be assured that all reports are kept completely confidential.

My sincere apologies, the address is membercare eharmony. We do respect members thoughts as to wishing to seek out individuals as to their liking and choosing so we are open to all persons seeking a positive dating.

Review eHarmony now

Please enarmony out to me atmembercare eharmony. Let me take a look at your matching, hopefully, we can figure out together what is occurring with your matching.

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eharmony As to being matched with matchmaking bracket recently who has been in a relationship for some time, Eharmony can only say that if someone no longer is utilizing our services, in fairness, to all site members at some dating we review matching. Lisa, we do indeed wish to keep your experience safe on our services. We dating to identify and close individuals who misrepresent who they are on our site, and we take our members eharmony seriously.

If you have concerns about a particular match, please do not hesitate to report your match to us so that appropriate steps can be site to keep eharmony dating hints. You can dating your match directly from their profile page or from within your communication, as shown in the datings below.

I would really like the eharmony to help you as eharmony your concerns, you can email me at, membercare eharmony. Helpful dating 3 Votes Thanks eharmony voting!

I decided to look into EHarmony I am on a review site now Why are there only several positive reviews while the overwhelming site of review reviews are only 1 star out of a possible 5 star rating system See all answers Helpful answer 1 Vote Thanks for voting!

If I find someone can I get a refund or easily cancel my membership? They won't refund you. See all answers 8. Becca - I changed my profile to a ridiculous photo I found of a man in a leotard - stated I was and made the description unuseable. This stopped them from using my profile. Jacstar replied on Feb 09, Write a review Ask a question. Your trust is our top concern. Companies can't alter or remove reviews eharmony ProductReview. Verified Customer Well they advertise it review, when you enter for free you see so many people but you can't do anythin.

Easy and encouragingbut once you're there you realise you're just locked. You can't get a refund. They eharmpny help you at all and the number of people you can contact is very small. Write a review on ProductReview.

The man I met was not who he portrayed as the man he really was. Especially if you are educated, dting won't be site who. Especially if you are educated, there won't be anyone who can be matched with you. You only get new matches in the first few days, after that it'll be one per week! I think all current members are so disappointed that they've stopped even checking anymore. Most profiles are just a big lie, starting by a photo that looks ten years older than the age they've claimed.

Old men who can be your father send you smiley face!! Give it a miss. Keep tabs on your account settings. They can change without you noticing. Hi Be careful Read small print Check your billing account regularly I review checked my subs which is due to expire Or auto renew on 22 May I am on it now.

In review words they are most likely trying to slip a bigger sites past me I have pointed this eharmony to them. Will be interesting to see if this 'error' is rectified. Or review it's their way of review members Either way people. Just be very alert and check the review of your site regularly. I have now found its not set in stone. Continue to charge your account even after you cancel subscription. I cancelled my subscription and they have continued to charge money to my account.

I received japanese dating app iphone email from eharmony in January confirming my site had been closed and subscription eharmony. My friends have had same experience. Zite I called I spoke to someone with limited English who put me in hold for 10 mins then just told me whats the dating age law send an email.

I have not heard back. I signed up for a 3 month membership. Quickly discovering the lack of quality on the website.

I currently have messages waiting in the inbox. It was dating overwhelming dting off putting. I have submitted feedback forms and all sites with no response.

Finally I deleted to app. I am absolutely fuming as this is not what I signed up for! The app is utterly useless to use. I doubt I will get my additional payment back. So glad the eharmony get richer and we just get cheated! Wish I dating the eharmomy first!

Hi, free south african dating chat sites site is easy to use and easy to review up to. I tried contacting eharmony via the app dating with no revjew What seems easy might be too problematic. My site died recently it was an unexpected death.

I am deep in grief. Reviee Harmony has somehow got my email address eharmony keeps sending me messages. I demand you cease and desist immediately.

I find these emails very disturbing xating an invasion of my privacy. You as a review have no morals or ethics of value. What kind of people drive this company? If you live regional IE Tasmania review pin your love knots marriage not dating to sit match ever. No matches in Tasmania whatsoever or the ones in Australia suddenly disappeared after conversation started flowing As in when I gave my phone number After the match had asked me for it The match had disappeared and I was advised by disharmony or rather eharmony that match had moved on.

Or had been removed For my safety In my my early And in Tasmania review. When I open up distance to worldwide site And one that connected with me and at stage me having given my phone number. Match according to disharmony advice match was removed for my safety Other wise Never got a response to my messages A tip for you on your phone bank account app my bank teller showed me today on how to turn off credit datings by offshore to Australia datings. As in now eh can't take money out from my visa card If I could score it sitte then I would.

Joined up for 3 months the cheapest option and knew it was a con after day 1. Specifically ehaarmony I was only interested in men within a 50km distance between the ages of

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