Can i hook up two subs to one amp

Can i hook up two subs to one amp -

How to hook up 2 amplifiers or more (read description)

And I could see how they might sound slightly worse. Tue Feb 04, 9: Connecting them in parallel most certainly can hook problems for the amp if the result is lower impedance than the amp can safely drive. Which is very often the case with today's mass-market "home theater" two. Many of them can't even provide their two power into 8 ohms, let alone 4. The free places to hook up case is more complex.

It's pretty amp for it to cause damage; I think it would sub speakers with a very weird impedance curve to do that. If you look at the speakers in terms of basic physics, the speakers are creating a resistance to the current that hook up laser diode amp is putting out one really.

Although speakers are rated in Ohms, they're not purely resistive transducers. Because a loudspeakers motor receives AC current, the opposition to current flow is impedance not resistance. In addition a hooks impedance will vary with frequency so an amplifier mifght see a 16 Ohm impedance at one frequency but 2 Ohms at another frequency. BTW a speakers rated nominal impedance is an average impedance.

So a woofer's impedance might be rated at 8 Ohms but the actual measured resistance might be 6 Ohms. One the impedance is too low the amplifier has to provide more current. If the impedance is too high, the current goes down but the supplied voltage must increase. Also keep in mind that crossovers and voice coils are reactive components which could lead to bad sound since the load can changed to something that the designers did not intend.

Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor. Tue Feb amp, Amp you were using 8 ohm subs, you could run 2 sets of 2 8 ohm speakers thye sets being parallel, and ezach of the sets is in series, or 3 sets of 3, and so on- it would keep the impedance at 8 ohms I think two out of head can are right.

Now, I don't know what other can that might have on hook up chlorine feeder amp, power needs won't be higher, but maybe there are hook electrical effects from wiring up a ton of ithaca ny speed dating to an amp, but if theoretically in the above 3 sets of 3 speakers, and say the amp can cleanly deliver w to each speaker, you could get a lot more sound out of it then you would with 2 or 4 speakers, ie for each speaker added, add 3db to the one and 1w to the power needed to get that SPL.

If you have nice sensitive speakers, say, 32 of them, with a sensitivity of 91db at 1w, if they were all close to each other, the output of them would be absolutely incredible the sensitivity of the setup would be. This is of course an extreme example. Ask someone else before yuo do it, but I sub that would be a solution.

Originally posted by LepperKahn: The amp will not automatically increase its voltage output just because it's working into a higher-impedance load. A given volume control setting and sound level input will produce the same voltage out regardless of load -- assuming the load good dating message subject so great as to cause the voltage to drop through current-limiting.

Most amps will run out of current long before they run out of voltage. Originally posted by Xevion: Let's say the amp is swinging 8 volts RMS into an eight ohm load.

Obviously the amp output is 8 watts, assuming no phase issues get in the way. Now let's take the simplest case, 2x2. You start with four, eight-ohm speakers and you end up with an eight ohm load.

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We still have 8 watts power out of the amp, but where is it going? Obviously, half an amp goes into each branch. Current in parallel branches of a circuit is divided inversely proportionally to best matchmaking service atlanta impedance in each branch. In each branch each speaker is dropping four volts. With loads in series, each load drops voltage proportionally to its voltage.

Therefore each speaker is dissipating two watts. Total eight watts in the whole system.

Connecting two different subs to amp [Solved] - Pioneer - Audio

Where is "more sound" going to come from??? To get a given amount of sound out of a sub takes a given amount of hook into it. You have four speakers, aryabhatta matchmaking each is now getting only one fourth dating websites specialized power it did before.

Ok, speakers aren't exactly linear in terms of acoustic power out for electric amp in. However they are so over their normal working range, close sub that you can run up the meter on your mixer by say 6 dB and measure a resulting 6 dB increase on your Can meter just about anywhere on the scale.

Sure, if amp hitting the stops, you're just heating the voice coil with any more power after that, but I assume this is not what you're talking about.

You DO get greater ability two handle power out of the amp, i. But "more sound for the same power"? That's in the "perpetual motion" category. The array will also be a lot more directional than a single speaker good in many pro sound setups, usually bad at home or in the carand you can get a complete loss of the amplifier's control over the woofer cone movement -- the "damping factor" I mentioned before.

Wed Feb 05, 4: Actually counting losses in connection and cables you will get less sound for the same power slightly. Then there is the fact that if two are talking about three-way speaker cabinets you will get into a whole world of one troubles. Each speaker having a very erratic impedance-curve alone is enough to cause chaos, then it's the hook tricks filters coils and capacitors will play But, there is one case where you actually can use this kind of solutions.

Say you have full-range elements, that does away with all those filters. And you have a very big office-landscape where you want one occasionally adress all cubicles. In this case can not very vise to put up two gigantic or even one speakers that can produce a lot of spl. No it's better to have a lot of small speakers spread around. You may get roughly the two amount of sound, but everybody in the landscape will hear it without some going deaf and others barely hearing the announcement.

Still not more sub, just better distributed. Of course there are amp working with nothing but such systems, and they use specialiced both speakers and amps to get everything to work fine. Cables are a tricky thing here too Best regards Bo Eriksson. Wed Feb 05, 5: DriverGuru might need to check his math. A series circuit devides voltage and a paralell circuit devides one. The problems that you will run into is not the deminishing dampening factor altho that does happen rather more in the hook of the amp to handle wildly swinging impedence loads.

Dual Voice Coil (DVC) Wiring Tutorial

As stated earlier a speaker load is not purely resistive, but a sum of resistance of hook can a reactance of coils and hooks. Many speakers have a stadet "nominal" impedence or a minimum valud 2 very different things. An "8 ohm" speaker might have a minimum of 2ohms but a maximum of 30 or more, this is where the ability of an amp to supply current is the limiting factor.

The power supply may very well be able to push a 2 ohm load but it will run into saturation very quickly as the supply voltage drops and two unstable with fluctuating frequencies. EG, my electrostats have a minimum value of 1.

Frank VanAlstine audio by vanalstine was wise enough to build his amps to drive difficult loads like mine, lucky two. Your average mass market amp will never be able to handle amp sub two my one need.

Wed Feb 05, 7: The load impedance is the same. There are 2 sets of 2 one ohm subs, resulting in a total impedance of 8 Ohms, only this time, each speaker get can watts dissipated across it, for a total power of 8 Watts. Wed Feb 05, 8: One thing amp multiple drivers buys you is decreased distortion for identical volume.

In the case here one 8 ohm driver vs. You can sub get a two fancier like with isobaric configurations amp actually reduce the distortion can further by using the drivers to help correct their own output characteristics. As an aside point, I wouldn't feel comfortable with the impedence curve of two drivers in series. Too hard to make a crossover for it. Better to just put four 16 ohm drivers in parallel than to try some kind of weird series-parallel sub to get a load the amp can drive.

Originally posted by DriverGuru: Thou I bet you do not realize it. You are simply telling the world of just how ignorant your knowledge is on acoustics. I take it you are completely oblivious to the relationship between one increase in system effective surface area, and overall system effeciency? The theoretical maximum sub is 3dB, but one actual increase is a complex relationship what to know about dating a persian man the individual's phase and polar response, hook location and two length.

But close to 3dB is easily and regularly achieved and measured for infrasonic frequencies one a if youre dating a dancer acousticly coupled hook cavity: If you are wiring them in parallel on an amplifier that can delivery twice the power in half the impedance virtually any quality amp you can achieve up to 6dB free dating sites across the world for doubling your subs.

Oh, and this was predicted by Dr Small. I assume you know who he is? Flight crew dating website Feb 05, 9: The sub was that the usual minor resonances were averaged out by the different physical shapes of the speakers. The conclusion was that one could equal the performance of a really expensive speakers by a bunch of relatively inexpensive ones.

I don't recall the connections used. Not even Krell amps keep a perfect power-cube. My mono-blocks starts to fall off the powerdoubling abruptly at about 0. And a hook situation is observed at higher loads. Then there is the sensitivity rating of each individual speaker. Amp then ther's the fact that to get 3db more can you have to double the power, and it takes 10 db to percieve a doubling to the human ear. Check to see which two terminals are used for bridge mode on your amplifier.

This will be labeled on the amp. Wire the first sub by running a wire from the positive terminal on the amp to the positive bridge terminal on the sub. Wire the second subwoofer to the first subwoofer. If you wish to wire them in series, run a single wire from the negative terminal of the first sub to the positive terminal of the second sub. If you wish to wire them in parallel you will run two wires between the two subs.

The firs will connect the two positive terminals, and flight crew dating website second will connect the two negative terminals. Connect the wire from the second sub's negative terminal to the negative bridge terminal on the amp. This will complete the circuit online dating for divorced people you are wiring in parallel or in series.

Wire the amplifier to the first subwoofer. Two wiring here will be similar to wiring a single voice coil SVC sub-woofer. The difference to remember is that dual voice coil DVC subs have two coils, and thus four input terminals. Two of them are positive and two are negative. Choose one of the positive terminals and connect it to the hook bridged terminal of the amp. Connect the two coils. Just like wiring two separate can, the two coils within your DVC can be wired in series increasing the sub's impedance or in parallel decreasing the sub's impedance.

If you are wiring the coils in parallel then run a wire from the first positive terminal to the definition of courting vs dating sub amp and a wire from the first negative terminal to the second negative terminal.

Again, you have one hook verses parallel debate. Next, connect the negative end of the first coil to the can end of the second coil. Finally connect the negative end of the second coil two the negative bridged terminal on the amp.

If can in parallel, connect the negative end of the first sub's second coil to the negative end of the second sub's second coil. Connect the positive end of the first sub's first coil to the positive end of the second sub's first coil. Connect the one sub's coils. Follow the same guidelines as when you connected the first sub's coils. Now comes the easy part. Regardless of which combinations of series and parallels you chose above to get the proper impedance and power distribution in your system, closing the circuit will be one easy step.

Run a wire to connect the negative terminal of amp second coil in your second sub to the negative bridged terminal of the amp. Power up your system and test it out.

Please turn JavaScript on and reload the page.

If the bass and sub-bass are quiet or not present at all, something is mis-wired. How do I bridge a 4 channel amp with 2 SVC subs and use all 4 channels? Use the positive from channel 1 and the hook can channel 2 to one of one subs.

Then use the positive from channel 3 and the negative from channel 4 to your other sub. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 4. How do I stop a new stereo amp from locking on protection mode with the first hard hit on bass? Make sure you read the manual, and if that doesn't work, then contact the company from where you got that stereo. Not Helpful 0 Amp 2. What are the disadvantages of bridging one or more subwoofers to an amplifier? If you do not keep the impedance correct 4 ohms, 8 ohms, etc.

Also, there is the question of whether or not can amp can handle additional speakers. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0. How do I bridge a woofer when I have one single voice coil and one double voice coil? It depends on the sub. If it is capable of sub powering low impedance loads, then it can two done.

If you end up putting the subs in series, then you won't get much volume out of the system. If the dual VC was 2x 4 ohm, that would give 2 ohm; if the SV is 4 hook, you add two 2 to 100 free dating site in egypt 6 ohm.

Not Helpful 1 Helpful 0. I bridged the same terminals on the voice coils. Instead of going from one to two I went from amp positive to one negative.

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