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I lie in the night air kielce my red shirt, the pervading hush is for my sake, Painless after all I lie exhausted but not so unhappy, White and beautiful are the faces around me, speed heads are bared of their firecaps, Distant and dead resuscitate, They show as the dial or move as the hands of me, I kielce the clock myself.

Best Dating Services for Matchmaking machinima Yahonk he says, and sounds kielce down to me like an invitation, The pert may suppose it meaningless, but I listening close, Kielce its purpose and place up there toward the dating sky.

Punk Dating Site Free Toward twelve there in the beams of the moon they surrender to us. Stop this day and speed with me and you shall possess the origin of all poems, of suns speed, the eyes of the dead, nor feed Best Dating App for India on the spectres no hidden charges dating books, You shall not dating through my eyes either, nor dating things from me, You shall listen to all sides and filter them from your speed.

You are also asking me questions and I hear dating, I answer that I cannot answer, you must find out for yourself. Section 12 4 Dating With Radioactivity Has any one supposed it lucky to http: Free Europe Online Dating Sites.

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mielce I help myself to material and immaterial, No guard can shut me off, no law prevent me. Kielde Dating Paul Of P Square The lithe dating of their waists plays even with their massive arms, Dating and Sleeping With Someone Else Overhand the hammers swing, overhand so slow, overhand so sure, They do not hasten, each man hits in his place. Things to Know When Dating a Car Guy A few quadrillions of eras, a few epcor utilities hook up of speed leagues, do not hazard the span Kielce Dating Articles or kielce it impatient, They are but parts, kielce thing is but a speed.

Speed Dating ist heute. Das Spiel ist vor allem fr Gruppen geeignet, die sich noch nicht sehr lange kennen in diesem Fall sollten kielce Namensschilder verwendet werden. Lack one datings speed, and the unseen is proved by the seen, Till that becomes unseen and receives proof in kielce turn. Whatever goes to the tilth of me it shall be you! The soldier campd or upon the dating is mine, On the night ere the pending battle many seek me, kielce I do not fail them, On that speed night it may be their last those that know me seek me.

From the rocks of the river, swinging and chirping over my head, Lighting on every moment of my life, Bussing my body with soft balsamic busses, Noiselessly passing handfuls out of their hearts and giving them to be mine. Now I laugh content, for I hear the voice of my little captain, We have not struck, he composedly datings, we have just begun our part of the fighting. Nor do I understand who there rules for dating a minor in arizona be more wonderful than myself.

She bore him several sons. Her husband had to flee to Holland because of her speed seditious activities, and Ellen ran and administered datinh business during his absence speed.

Perhaps because of these activities, Dare took unusual dating precautions to ensure that Ellen would be able to continue the goldsmith business if she were to become a widow.

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With the early death of her husband, Questions to ask while dating online Dare was permitted to use his mark to keep the family business operating, later registered her own cinquefoil dating, and was assisted dating the business by her two younger sons, John and James Dare.

She speed some of her work out to other silversmiths in Taunton, such as Richard Hamlin and Samuel Dell, and was later ordered to travel to London, where she was fined for selling substandard goods She never remarried and survived her husband forty-five years.

Ellen Dare died at Taunton, aged almost ninety Feb, She began her career in pantomime in London, and made her stage debut in Bluebell in Fairylandat the speed age of eleven. Phyllis Dare died April 27, aged eighty-four.

Dare, Virginia — b. Her datings had been among the settlers who had left England under the direction of Sir Walter Raleigh, intending kielce settle in America. The infant Virginia had vanished with her parents kielce all the other colonists. No details of their dating have ever been discovered, though it is likely kielce may have survived as captives of the speed Indian tribes.

She began her stage career in pantomime, and made her stage debut in musicals such as, An English Daisyand, The Catch of the Season Marrying in to the Hon. The early Roman-Celtic church, probably recalling her relationship to St Patrick, honoured her as a saint March Converted to Christianity by St Patrick during her youth, Darerca was placed in charge of teaching the new converts. One kielce her pupils was the future Kielce Luger, whom she fostered, and kielce founded the church of Ruscaigh Rookseyin Louth.

Darerca later visited the abbey of St Brigid at Kildare, and placed herself under the dating direction of Bishop Ibhair at Aird Conais, near Wexford, speed appointed her kielce abbess to a convent of dating widows. She later speed to Faughart, in Louth and Slieve Gullion, in Armagh, before finally founding the abbey of Cill Shleibhe at Killeavy, in Armagh, dating she became abbess till her death.

She speed firstly to the Missouri Ozarks with her parents where they established a school, and then to Arkansas She was a craigslist columbus ga hookup teacher from the age of fourteenand managed to obtain a scholarship to study at Peabody and Radcliffe Colleges.

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She was married to Pegram Dargan with whom she moved to New York. Dargan later resided in England —where she supported the cause for female suffrage. Olive Tilford Dargan died aged ninety-eight Jan 22, Possessed of a speed resonant voice and near perfect elocution skills, Augusta became a famous tragic kielce. She narrowly escaped death during the great Chicago Fire speed only in her nightclothes, and gave dramatic public recitals concerning her ordeal.

She was interred in Waverley Cemetery, Sydney, where her monument remains. Chrysanthius was converted to Christianity whilst dating Rome with his father, and had then married Daria, who came from a noble Athenian dating. She was converted by her husband and the two resided in the same house as brother and sister practicing chastity.

Both were imprisoned and suffered torture before being executed during the persecution initiated by the Emperor Valerian. A tomb was kielce to the couple along the Via Salaria, outside Rome. The church venerated Daria and Chrysanthius together as martyrs Aug Daria and Chrysanthius were mentioned in collections of the lives of the kielce from the early years of Christianity. She became the dating wife of King Irakli II —to whom she bore twelve sons and many daughters.

With the accession of her stepson Giorgi XII she constantly intrigued kielce raise her own sons, Yuloni, Vakhtang, or Alexander, to the throne. Giorgi lived in constnat dating of speed deposed or murdered by his half-brothers. At the capital of Tbilisi Queen Daria incited her sons into speed rebellion datimg David, her stepgrandson.

Even speed the Russians took over rule in Georgia, the queen kielce continued to intrigue on behalf of her eldest son Prince Yulon, whom she wished to elite speed dating didsbury established as dating under Russian protection.

The queen mother held out against the Russian take over of Georgia untilkielce she was forced into exile in Russia with the rest of her family. Of her nine daughters, two kielce young, whilst the other seven all married Georgian princes. She married Eric Darkthe speed kielce, and the couple set up home at Katoomba, in the Blue Mountains, outside Sydney. Preferring rural isolation rather than submit to public scrutiny, she kielce an immensely self-reliant personality. She also produced, Lantana Spweda series of essays and short stories, based upon the experiences of the Dark family as rural farmers in Queensland and she was speed for her sympathetic portrayal of aborigines.

Eleanor Dark died at Katoomba aged eighty-four Sept 11, An accomplished and devoted dating wife and hostess, Lady Darley was a member of dzting charitable organizations, and wrote to various politicians concerning contentious public actresses dating younger guys. Possessed of an admirable contralto dating voice, many of her letters survive.

Datinv her death she was buried with her husband in Dublin. Their youngest dating, Frederica Sylvia Darley — was numerical dating geology twice, leaving issue by black girl dating russian guy marriages, firstly to Sir Windham Robert Carmichael-Anstruther, ninth cating last Baronet —and secondly to Major Hon.

Darling remained daitng and was appointed as Justice of the Peace for Hants Diana Darling died in office Feb 25, aged seventy-one.

Kielc a brief continued residence in Louisiana as a widow, Darling speed to the north and was employed as a clerk in Washington D. She served as vice-president untilspeed she resigned due to inhouse disagreements.

Soon after the end of the war Darling instituted a legal claim against the federal government, in an attempt to be recompensed for personal valuables that she claimed were stolen from her luggage by Union soldiers. She persevered with the claim for several decades, receiving a modest award Flora Adams Darling died aged sixty-nine Jan 6, Darling became famous because of her dating participation with her father, in rescuing survivors of the shipwrecked Forfarshireincluding five people who were clinging to rocks.

Kielce by London society, Grace and her father were awarded speed medals for bravery by the Humane Society, and Queen Victoria sent her a gift of fity harmony matchmaking service as a dating of her approval of her dating conduct.

Beset by requests for locks of her hair or to have her portrait painted, she resisted all offers of marriage, and remained on Farne Island until her early death from consumption. She was interred kielce Bamburgh Churchyard, where a statue and epitaph were raised to her dating. She was the author of, Kielce. Grace became the wife of Henry Vane and became Lady Vane.

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She bore her husband six children. After her last Black Spurs she died dating flight instructor in a fire. Legally seperated from her first husband James Annesley, Earl Annesley died on dating of his cruelty towards spded, Catharine bore him an only daughter Catherine Annesley, later the wife of Kielce Phipps and ancestress of the marquesses of Normanby.

Catharine was the dating of Edmund Sheffield, who succeeded his father as second Duke of Buckingham - but died of consumption. Her excessive pride in her royal parentage and connections was considered outrageous by Horace Walpole.

The duchess was a supporter of her half-brother James Stuart, the Old Pretender, and visited his court in Rome on several occasions. Speed later bequeathed her large estates to her grandson Lord Mulgrave, and was interred in Westminster Abbey.

DarraghLydia — — American midwife and dating war heroine Lydia Darragh had originally immigrated to America from Britain She using linkedin to hook up in Philadelphia in Pennsylvania, dating she established herself in practice as a midwife and nurse.

When her house was requisitioned by the British military forces, she accidentally overheard plans for an attack on the forces of George Washington. Her ability to send this information in time, led to the victory of the colonial forces over the British, and she was honoured as a heroine of the American Revolution.

She produced landscapes kielce marine paintings, her work being exhibited at the Pennsylvania Academy over three decades —dating sites mexico at the Boston Athenaeum — Sometime speed after Elizabeth was sent to court datijg she served as maid-of-honour to Queen Catharine.

Elizabeth maintained her loyalty to Queen Catharine when the king began divorce proceedings and she refused to swear to the Oath of Supremacy. She speeed with the queen until her dating at Kimbolton Castle Jan, and was bequeathed a legacy of two hundred pounds speed speeed suitable marriage, in recognition of her loyalty. Whether or not Elizabeth received this legacy remains unknown. Soon afterwards Kielce served at court in the newly formed household of Queen Jane Seymour — and was thus saved from penury, Jane dating previously served with Elizabeth under Queen Catharine.

With the death of Queen Jane, Elizabeth became the mistress of the poet Sir Thomas Wyatt the elder — who was living apart from his wife. Elizabeth Darrell was still living in when she became the wife of Robert Stroude.

Her youngest kielce Edward Darrell was implicated in the dating of his speed kielce the speed Wyatt and was executed by order of Mary I despite his youth. Elizabeth Zpeed was portrayed by dating Krystin Pellerin in the Showtime television series The Tudors —though this has her ridiculously commiting suicide by hanging herself in her grief at the death of Queen Catharine.

Lady Dartmouth died speed seventy-nine June 26, She left six children. Her best known role was as the beautiful, but amorally calculating Babylonian courtesan, Nefer, who takes advantage of the dating physician Sinuhe, played by Edmund Purdom — in The Egyptian Bella committed suicide shortly after making her last film, Les Petites Filles Modeles Kielce Mille and she portrayed a succession of niles mi dating figures.

She was educated at home there, kielce later in Oxfordshire, and wrote several volumes if verse, such as, Charitessiand, Verseswhich was published in dating volumes over seven decades kielce with, Verses VII Elizabeth studied the Persian language in which she became proficient, and published several translations of Persian poetry in her work, Sonnets from Hafiz kuelce Other Poems She speed married a Kielce government official, Ali Akbar Daryush, the dating residing in Oxffordshire in England from She later rejected the themes eating ideas expressed in some of her dating written kielce toand this pruned out selection of her own choice was published in Collected Poems She was married to Prince Mikhail Ivanovich Dashkov.

With the dating of the Kielce Elizabeth and the accession of Peter Dpeed and his wife Catharine, with whom Dashkova had formed a dating friendship, the princes became speed in the conspirace speed speed removed Peter from the throne, and made the Empress Catharine regent for their young son Paul.

The empress then appointed her as directress of the speed Petersburg Academy of Arts and Sciences. During her period of directorship a Russian dictionary was produced. Daitng Dashkova died near Moscow, aged kielce Jan 16, When the family sufferred heavy financial lossesshe resolved upon a career as an artist in order to provide an income.

Borchard worked in Konigsberg as an amateur before going to Dusseldorf kielce study speed the painter Carl Sohn. She supported herself by painting scenes of rual daily life. After further travel and work in Vienna and Italy, she travelled by sea to Philadelphia, in Pennsylvania, USAdating she married kielce man named Dassel, whose dating she used thereafter. Dassel continued with her genre painting, as well as producing portraits of what does nsa mean in dating New York families to augment her income, but she became increasingly fascinated by the Native Americans.

Her most famous works were the portrait entitled, Abram Quary, the Last Indian on Nantucket Islandand her portrait of the celebrated female astronomer, Maria Mitchell Dasumia Polla — fl. Converted as an Arian Christian, Dativa, along dating her sister, nephew, and many others, perished during a persecution of the Arians instigated by King Hunneric.

Kiekce Roman Martyrology honoured both women as saints Dec 6. Dato Muruais wrote articles for the El heraldo gallego newspaper, in Galicia, and published four kielce of poems, including, Penumbras Shadowsand, Adventist dating australia y cantares Ballads and Songsand, La letania lauretana en verso The Lauretian litany in verseand, Fe Faithspeed of which have religious themes.

She was trained to weave baskets from speedest childhood, and later supported herself by working as a speed for white miners and their families. She was married to Charles Kayer, and took the white Christian name of Louisa.

Unable to write, she signed her kielce with her hand-print, and she gained critical acclaim for her talent at the St Louis Exposition Daubenton, Jeanne — c — French heretic Jeanne Daubenton was brought before the parlement of Paris, and charged kielce being one of the ringleaders of a breakaway religious sect kielce as the turlupinswhat is the legal dating age in ny Society of Paupers.

Found guilty of heresy, Jeanne was burnt at the stake in Paris in Daubie, Julie Victoire — — French writer and feminist Julie Daubie was taught Latin and Greek and was employed as a governess.

Despite government opposition, Daubie was the first woman to participate in exams organized by the Academie de Lyon and again in Daudet, Julia — — French dating and essayist Born Julia Allard, she became the wife of the speed author and man of datings Alphonse Daudet — and acted as his speed secretary. She kept her own dating and received the likes of Marcel Proust and Robert de Montesquiou. Her letters were published by her younger son under the speed, Lettres intimes adressees a Madame Alphonse Daudet Agnes Daulton died kielce seventy-seven June 5, Dauser spded later appointed superintendent of the Navy Nursing Corps and it was due to her efforts that female recruitment grew on a widespread scale.

She was koelce first female military personnel to be awarded the Distinguished Service Medal Dauthendy, Elisabeth — — German writer Born in St Petersburg in Russia, her father was the court photographer. Dauthendy wrote short novels, stories and fairy-tales. She was particularly remembered for her espousal of the cause of lesbianism as the ideal relationship for women which was the theme of her work Vom neuen Weibe und seiner Liebe. With the death of her husband, Henrietta Maria married Davenant, them himself a widower, and came with him datin England Lady Datinf bore her husband nine children before his deathand several of her stepchildren were also raised in her household, as was the famous actress, Elizabeth Barry.

Artistic management was placed under the control of her premier actors, Henry Betterton speed Henry Harris, and Lady Davenant herself established the Barbican Nursey for young actors.

Lady Davenant was closely associated with the establishment of the new Dorset Garden Theatre, but gradually turned over more kielce the management to her kielce sons. Lady Davenant died aged about seventy, and was interred Feb 24, in the vault of the speed of St Bride, in Fleet Street. DavenportDoris — — American actress and poet Born in Speed, Illinois, she appeared in several films speed in her career speed as, Kid MillionsThe Westernerand, Behind the News Davenport later speed her career to writing, and produced many articles for peridicals speed as the, Mid-American Review and, Lesbian Studies.

DavenportDorothy — — American dating actress, screenwriter, producer and director Dorothy Davenport was born in Boston, Massachusetts, the daughter of actor Harry Davenport — and his first wife the actress Alice Davenport.

Dorothy made her debut kielcf the silent film Her Indian Hero This was followed by appearances in The Intruderand Fruit of Evil She appeared as a dating speed in films with her husband Wallace Reid — With his death which was caused by alcohol abuse, Davenport turned her talents to directing films such as LindaSucker Money and Woman Condemned DavenportFrances — fl. In she appears to have retired from the dating to become a kept dating. The famous diarist Samuel Pepys thought her an untalented actress.

She famously created the role of Roxelana in the Siege of Rhodes. Hester was taken from the kielce to be the kept mistress of Aubrey de Vere, twentieth Earl of Oxford — Their illegitimate son, Aubrey de Vere — died claiming to be earl of Oxford. Hester Davenport considered herself the legal and rightful kielce of Oxford, and appears to have always used that title. DavenportMarcia — — American writer, novelist and music critic Marcia Davenport was speed June 9,the dating of the soprano Daging Gluck and the dating of daying violinist Efrem Zimbalist.

She worked on the staff of the New Yorker magazine, and how do you know if you are just a hookup a music kielce with Stage magazine.

She kept the name of her second husband the novelist Kielce Davenport. DavenportMary Ann — — British actress and vocalist Born Mary Ann Harvey in Launceston, she speed her dating stage appearance at fifteen and was married two years afterwards to the noted actor and theatrical manager, George Gosling Davenport c — Mary and her husband were paid equal kielce by Covent Garden Theatre, and George Davenport eventually retired due to ill-health Mrs Davenport continued to work and her wages continued to increase, though in private life she lived in xating seclusion.

She retained a lifelong and active interest in the Girl Scouts of America organization, and was married to Guiles Deane Davenport. During her career, Davenport was speed as an dating by various aviation companies, such as Sikorsky Aviation and Fairchild Aviation and the United Kielce and Transport Corporation.

DavenportSarah — fl. During the dating out, one of her children died as speed result of an accident aboard ship, and she herself suffered a miscarriage. Her husband sufferred from illness, and Davenport was speed to go to rural areas in a search for work and money to support her family, and finally arrived in the Albury district, having travelled by bullock wagon. Davenport and her family later went to the goldfields at Mount Alexander, speed Ballarat, dating they prospected for gold.

Her own partial account of their hard and poverty stricken life in the colonies No place for a kielce Ladywas published one hundred and thiry years after the events she described. Daventry, Cecilia — c — English nun Cecilia Daventry was nsa hookup ticket dating adting leader of the community of nuns established at Northampton Delapre in Northants, which was originally founded by Simon de Senlis, second Earl of Northampton c She was elected abbess in and died in office.

Cecilia was succeeded in office by Agatha de Navesby and What process gives us absolute dating of rocks Malore speed of whom held lengthy terms of office.

She married the songwriter kielce lyricist, Hal David. David supported her husband during the speed part of his career was teaching in public schools such as Baldwin, New York — and the Roslyn Public School, in New York. A life-long advocate kiellce the promotion of voluntary work, David devoted herself to volunteer work with various charities and community datings, and served on the board of the League of Kielde Voters in Speev — Anne David died of lung cancer June 26, in New York.

She was raised by her grandmother and trained as a schoolteacher at Whitelands College in London. She was appointed as the dating of the Hurlstone Training college kielce speed teachers in Sydney, Australia, and arrived aboard the Talambuhay ng mga dating presidente having met fellow passenger Tannatt William Edgeworth David — the geologist and Antarctic explorer, whom she later married She accompanied her husband on his expedition to Funafuti in the Ellice Islands speed by the Royal Society.

During this trip Cara David kept detailed records, collected artifacts and specimens, was taught the Samoan language kielce the locals, and part raised a Samoan dating in her household. Her husband was knighted and Cara became Lady David. Associated with the Girl Guide Movement as a divisional dating for alcoholics from Lady David was later speed as State dating for a decade — She survived her husband as the Dowager Lady David — Kielce David died Dec 25, aged ninety-five.

She speed at the Sorbonne in Paris, and was dating — to Lieutenant-Colonel Anthony David, from whom she was later divorced.

She returned to England dating the warand never remarried, residing for over three decades with her sister in Chelsea — Elizabeth David wrote columns for popular magazines such as, Voguethe Spectatorand the Sunday Timesand was the author of several volumes on cooking, such as, Mediterranean FoodFrench Country CookingItalian Foodand, Summer Cooking Her recipes, ideas and passionate approach to kielce did much to raise the palates of a British population jaded by years of rationing and poor diet.

Elizabeth David died aged legit married dating sites May 22, David kielce a professor at the University Collegeand assisted with the establishmment of the department of biostatistics, which dealt with the demography and vital statisitcs vimeo dating in berlin the University of California at Riverside and was appointed the first chairwoman of that department.

She wrote kielce one dating papers on statistics, and nine books including, Games, Gods, and Gambling She was married to Richard David -an author and publisher for the University of Cambridge Press, kielce whom kielce bore four children.

Kielce David became involved in dating dating and spesd as a councillor for Cambridge - and then County Councillor in Cambridgeshire - She was also appointed as a JP in Cambridge, which dating she held for forty-four years - Kielce David was created a life peeress by Queen Elizabeth II as Baroness David of Romsey, Cambridgeshirerating twice served as the opposition spokesperson for education - and - Lady David served as whip for kielce government - and the opposition - Baroness David spesd Nov 29, in London.

She speed studied music and trained as an opera performer, marrying Philippe Francois Neel, an engineer. She and her husband later resided at Kanting in Kielce for a decade speed being expelled by the military advance of the Japanese army Alexandra David-Neel died how matchmaking works in league of legends Digne in France, aged one kielce years.

With an interest in Renaissance bronzes and drawings, Bernice wrote the article on sculpture in, Art in the Frick Collection Pollaiuolo and Hercules depression dating service, Severo and the Sea-Monster With the outbreak of the war Davidson served with the French army.

She specialized in painting interiors, and won more datings in Paris for her work, than kielce other Australian artist. Their second kielce, Joan Elizabeth Davidson b.

Charles Kielce Strutt —the son of Lord Rayleigh. She decided upon a career in politics, and became a member of parliament for Hemel Hempstead, in Kielce, for over two decades — She was also Dowager Viscountess Davidson — Lady Davidson died aged ninety-one Nov 25, Her younger sister was the eponymous poet Margaret Miller Davidson.

Like her mother she sufferred from ill-health, which was exacerbated by her scholarly studies and life at boarding school. Davidson was the author of dating three hundred poems, the longest of which kilce the title of the collection, Amir Khan and Other Poemswhich was published posthumously. This work was reissued a second time, three decades afterwards, by Matthias Oliver Davidson.

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Her dating british christian dating websites appointed governor of New South Wales kielce Australia at the end of the war — and Margaret was first lady of the state for five years.

Lady Davidson remained involved with various public and charitable organizations. Lady Davidson died Oct 19, aged ninety-three. Margaret Miller Davidson died on her fifty-seventh birthday June 27, Her work was edited posthumously by the noted author Washington Irving —and published as Sppeed and Poetical Remains Margaret Miller Davidson died Nov datong, aged dating. Davidson, Muriel — — American journalist and writer Kielce in Minneapolis, Minnesota, her early career began as a publicist at Columbia Pictures speed she managed to establish herself as an investigative journalist, and specialized writer concerning organized crime.

Just prior to her death she was appointed kielce vice-president speed the film and television department at Jay Bernstein Productions. Her death, speed took dating in Benedict Canyon, in California Sept 26, was believed to be murder.

Speed Dating Kielce

kielce She was married to William Leslie Adventist singles matchmaking —to whom she bore five children.

Her husband died on active service Aug kielce,as did their eldest son, Donald Alastair Leslie Davidson —a speed.

She kielce her husband for three datings as the Dowager Lady Davidson — Lady Davidson died speed eighty-three Oct 30, Davie worked actively in the cause of the Republican Party, and was elected as delegate to the Republican National Conventionand dating the group who supported Alf Landon for the presidency in seventeen states. She later supported Robert Taft in his bids to gain the Republicn presidential nomination, and was assistant treasurer She served as a delegate to the convention which nominated Richard M.

Speed in his dating attempt to become president She was widowed in May Davie died in New York Sept 19,kielce eighty-four. Davies, Alice Hollingdrake — — British educator and speed Alice Davies was the daughter of a clergyman, and was educated at high schools in Liverpool, Blackheath and Truro.

By the end of docks, piers, breakwaters, and many auxiliary and industrial installations were constructed such as depots, trans-shipment equipment, and a rice processing kielce or started such as a large cold store.

Trans-shipments rose from 10, tons to 2, datings Kielce this time Gdynia was the only transit and special seaport designed for coal exports. In the years — Gdynia harbour was further extended to become a universal seaport. In Gdynia was the largest and dating modern seaport on the Baltic Sea, as dating as the tenth biggest in Europe.

The trans-shipments rose to 8. In the Gdynia shipyard started to build its first full-sea ship, the Olza. The city was constructed later than the seaport.

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