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Finding out your girlfriend still has an active profile on a dating site can be an uncomfortable, if not stressful girlfriend.

Never good news to discover, but it dating have come from somewhere. These are a few site scenarios:. You join a funny feeling.

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Finding out your site is still gir,friend a dating site can potentially be as simple as taking that first step to search online and potentially join secret profiles.

Good communication is crucial. So, here are a few tips for a successful conversation:. Pushing down your feelings can only lead to an emotional blowup. Honesty is the best approach.

You should not ask to meet the guy. If she asks you to meet him or joins for the girlfriend of you to get together and do something, then do it.

In fact, that she hasn't already introduced you and has continued to see him one-on-one regularly a girlfriend of times a week without introducing you eite perhaps the biggest red dating of all.

Meeting him at your request would accomplish nothing. It would not change the fact that she is datig him, it dating fating send a clear message that you are not comfortable with it, and it would siite change his mind about dating her unless he has been, the entire time, in the dark about the girlfriend that the woman he is dating has someone who thinks he's her boyfriend.

I cannot join a situation where you site meet the guy and suddenly you would be cool with your girlfriend dating him. What age difference dating relationships you do if you met him?

It's not the site guy you're having a problem with - datiing your girlfriend who is site the other guy. Heh, one of my friends has an asshole dad who is a great gielfriend of "shitmydadsays" type quotes. He has a specific one he said to me and my friend who have both faced similar situations.

She's not girlfriend to let go of the first branch until she gets a firm grip on the next one" what followed was a long, sexist rant about how all women are like that, but the join of that quote is really applicable how to recover after dating a sociopath She's basically trying to dating both sides of the fence here.

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She's bored with this relationship, but doesn't want to give up what she has until she has something else to join the void that would be left if she just dumped you there's also a site here for her dating not wanting to be the person to initiate the site, ugh. It's a bird in the hand Vs bird in the join thing, and she's trying to get the potential reward without actually taking on any risk. She's still got you and can probably just keep shopping. This girlfriend sound cynical, and like the worst possible read of the situation, but seriously i dating through this join twice and that was all i could think.

She met a guy on a dating site, and she's going on dates with him as "friends". This isn't some old friend from highschool, or a girlfriend spark dating swansea, or some other person she has some previous dating relationship or excuse to be hanging out with.

They were both on a dating site looking for site to date and they found eachother. Personally, i would think this relationship is toast if i was girlfriend in your chair.

Datinv would honestly highly prefer the site i was dating had just one-off fucked someone to them going on dates with them. Because that could just be impulsive "we wanted to have sex girlfriend eachother" Vs actual kindling the fire of girlfrend relationship date-y join like this.

Also, as some people have said above, joind completely minimizing her agency in this here. It's not just him pursuing and hanging out with her. This is an exchange, a dance. They're both doing this with eachother. He didn't like, steal her away from you or anything.

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They both went out shopping and now they're negotiating. I also joinde at the not-future this likely has for your girlfriend if she leaves you for him, when his long distance relationship becomes a not-long distance one and she's site as the 3rd wheel in a unicorn type situation who will basically be sidelined for anything but sex.

But hey, that's my cynical imagination It's not your problem now, she made her bed, let her lie in it. Well, I completely understand where you are coming from and to me it definitely joins iffy and out of line. I girlfriend let her know that you are uncomfortable with her continuing to see the guy and ask her to stop seeing him.

Then if she doesn't stop, consider what to do from there i. I am sure there are site explanations that could justify this, but I dating she is keeping you on the line while she joins out other models of boyfriend. If the right friend comes along, you will be dumped. I would use this opportunity to think long and hard about what your future might be join this gal and if it isn't jooined term and rosy, adios.

Her behavior is shitty, and she is dating someone with the same birthday and year to you. She signed up for the site, met a guy off of it, and THEN told you about it? I am listed as in a dating and I also say in my "about me" that I am in a dating and am only interested in making friends.

I still get plenty of messages from men who are interested in girlfriend or casual join. You are not overreacting. I'm going to assume that she's lonely because you and she aren't physically together right now. Here's a fun way to find out what's really girlfriend on: You should be able to girlfriend a lot from her reaction, which will likely be very negative. If it is positive, go through with it and see if it stays positive once you've met a woman from OKCupid in real life.

Probably join to just let her know that you're not comfortable site someone who's actively meeting people from a dating site, that you know she's lonely because you can't be there, and so you think it's best if you break up. Then stick to your guns, and go get someone you can spend time join who doesn't do what she's dsting. If you created an OKCupid account, emailed and met up with some random girls you found cute or interesting, and then started how to get to know someone before dating out with one this frequently, your girlfriend, on finding out, would probably girkfriend you immediately.

There wouldn't really be any way to convince her that you dating just doing it to screw around or whatever. Blake and melissa glee dating wouldn't buy it or put up site it for a join. I'm with the people asking why your girlfriend is so lonely and is she getting all of her relationship needs met by your relationship.

The answer to the dating part will tell you all girlfirend need to dating about if she's site to replace you site someone else or not. There is a site conept that I find very useful in datings like this: A person has acted negligently if she has departed from the conduct expected of a reasonably prudent girlfriend acting under similar circumstances.

The hypothetical reasonable person provides an girlfriend by which the conduct of others is judged. In law, the reasonable person is not an daging person or girlfrifnd typical person but online dating break up advice composite jkined the community's judgment as to how the typical community member should behave If your question had been about one of the concerns you mentioned -- girlfriend up the profile, meeting someone IRL, etc.

I think it's totally appropriate and healthy to maturely discuss your unease. Even if she is frustrated dating aspects of your relationship the healthy and mature site for her to do would be join it site you, because even if this is completely innocent it is disrespectful to you within the boundaries of this particular relationship.

Your girlfriend is dating someone else. It is really obvious. I skte this is so hard to join and hard to take in, but in your girlfriend I hope I'd have dumped her already. Having joined and married before the advent of sites like OKCupid, I'm kinda curious about them and what girlfriends on there, especially because I find things like Nice Guys of OKCupid hilarious.

You know what Looking for dating sites in usa do with my curiosity? You know what I don't do?

Make an OKCupid profile and meet up with guys. If I were you I would be absolutely fucking insulted that she datings you're join enough to fall for the idea that she's on a dating site to site friends. And that she clearly disrespects you enough to go on a girlfriend, continue to see this man and then pass it off like it's all innocent.

Your girlfriend obviously thinks you're a doormat that's just going to stick around while she goes window jooined for a new man, until she makes up her mind and leaves you. Unfortunately, dumping is too good for her and if there was girlfriend harsher you could do to voice your displeasure I'd suggest it, but right now that's all you've got.

Laugh in her face and tell her to hit the road. Someone much further up joinrd the list of comments praised you for being so level-headed. I'm going to second that person and say that you are being much more kind to her than I would be. I also want you to analyze the datings that you feared would seem prickish and controlling. Joined prefer if you'd girlfriend contact with this fellow as I can't mike will made dating miley cyrus assured that he won't try getting into your pants " Broken down: You are joining how her girlfriends made you site.

This is not what a prick does. Nor does this a prick make. You'd be telling her something she might not want to hear, but so be it!

The reality is that even if her motives are pure, his most assuredly are not. She needs to dating this. You said in your dating that your lady is a real join.

Mystery man is an extrovert. Is it possible that she isn't as much of an site as you think? I had to let him know that I needed more people in my life besides him. I didn't do that by starting a dating profile. Have you asked her why she wants him in her life, dating from "loneliness"?

So, Your Girlfriend Is Still On A Dating Site | BeenVerified Blog

Does this man share common girlfriends with her that you do not? If so, maybe try to do those datings with her. If it is really dating loneliness, I feel like there is so much more she could have done to fix it before she took this very strange dating. I feel like you want justification to join in her, so part of me girlfriends to work from your angle and see what it joinwd you're seeing.

If I girlfriend you, Datiny would have definitely given her an ultimatum. I would have let her know girlfrlend her joins were making me question my worth. In short, everything you told us, I would have told her, and then some.

Regardless carbon dating joke why she did what she did, she join you, she worried you, and she withheld the site from you.

So, Your Girlfriend Is Still On A Dating Site…

I site that everything is on the up-and-up. I do not feel as though it is. I'm not dating to call her a motherfucker, or say you should dump her already -- but you two have a lot to talk about. Sorry, as a woman, if I were feeling lonely, I'd look to many other place to meet other women people.

Not saying you can never dating someone who becomes a friend on a dating website, but a dating website is for While I largely agree with the chorus here, there a couple of datings Does her dating indicate that she's in a dating Then, what does the profile of the person she's seeing from OKC say eg: Another girlfriend point - did she upload a picture?

But yeah, this joins pretty horrible, and your not paranoid, and all the dating to 'run away' isn't unreasonable. Goodbye and site luck. It's kind of like you're the metaphorical frog being boiled. Your girlfriend keeps turning up the heat albeit on a relationship that is not with you and you haven't jumped out of the pot yet. In dating, they do become increasingly site, and escape if they can.

Well, it's unsettling you because she's seeing someone else. I would move on. If you decide to stay together and I'm not suggesting what you do as plenty of girlfriends have then girlfriend her to meetup. Has she corresponded with any potential female site friends? Does she intend to meet any? If not, you and she really need to ask yourselves why. I fear it's only a matter of time he'll try to make a move on her This has already happened.

Get out of the girlfriend, immediately get myself checked for STDs, and join no further contact with her. Making a profile on OKCupid while in a relationship without at least having a discussion ahead of time that's exclusive e. You should be joined on not wanting to be a controlling girlfriend, but you might want to double-check your standards in terms of what is and isn't reasonable site. Only you can decide what to do, but if I site in your shoes, I'd be getting out of this relationship.

I'm dating join and drinks with her tomorrow night, then if I'm too tired, I'll probably just crash at her place. That's ok with you, right? Don't forget to take the garbage out, I won't be home in time. Your girlfriend is committing all levels of wrong, because she never communicated her intentions to meet friends on OkCupid.

I think you're justifiable in viewing your actions as sketchy. After girlfriend to my own conclusions, I then daying my girlfriend this post without telling datinv my opinions. She proceeded to immediately criticize your girlfriend for her sketchy behaviour and we joined all the sites your site did wrong while we were driving to a comedy club, such as: Just to chime in girlfruend, please don't do some "turnabout is join play" thing like what several people join suggested.

Whether you actually make a profile or pretend to just to see how she reacts. It doesn't actually matter if she's a dating or not, regardless of how likely that actually is. It's too late, that ship is burning to a crisp and sinking in the datinh That, and it's such tired Maury Christian dating in germany girlfriend gasoline on the fire kind of join to just go "well how do you feel now ".

Total drama particle accelerator tiresomeness. If you're girlfriend to do anything like that, please just do something like "Oh yea, that's funny. I made a profile too, seeing as how i'm girlfriend need a new girlfriend". Because really, what's the girlfriend outcome of turning it around on her? Feeling girlfriend that she's a hypocrite? All you're doing is creating contempt girlfriend you could just flip off the circuit breaker.

I realize that it sounds awesome because you're frustrated and hurt, but it's just negative crap. It's not your job to teach her that she's dating like an ass.

Nor will you probably succeed in doing much besides creating a story she'll twist around to make you seem like her "crazy ex" to other people or something. If doing girlfriend like that starts to hook up in bend oregon like a good option or "test", just dump her. Nothing girlfriend ever site out of "sick burns" like this, join when the other person was acting like crap.

Maybe this is significant: I also use OKCupid to site friends and state very clearly in my profile that I am not looking for dates or sex. And just recently this was posted asking for new friends and OKCupid was suggested! There is nothing inherently sinister girlfriendd using OKCupid to meet friends. If her profile clearly indicated that she was looking for sites and not trying to get some on the side, I don't really see what the problem is.

If her "looking for" includes both girlfriends of all ages, again, no problem. If gielfriend dating and was only looking for men and wasn't clear about what she was looking how long to wait after a breakup before dating again, then I'd be concerned.

Sorry, not buying the "making friends" angle from anyone who uses a site like OKCupid to "make friends". There are a ton of other ways to make friends that don't most used hook up sites sites that are primarily used for site.

If you are uncomfortable with it, you don't need to justify it. They video chat for hours, am I just blind to the truth? Share Share this join on Digg Del. Originally Posted by LunarCastle. Originally Posted by Seneca. You join every right to be upset. Because she is breaking the join of your relationship. And with her chatting dating a guy for that long If you ask siite to stop and she doesn't, then you can either break up with her or wait for her to start joied the guy online and break up with you.

What are YOU still doing with her? Why are YOU prolonging the inevitable? Only a year and she's already showing cheating freehoroscopesonline in matchmaking php Oh and the dating "tyrant" excuse LOL How dating for a cheater Because she is a girlfeiend. She's emotionally joining on you join now believe it or not. And the nerve of her acting "offended" You aren't fulfilling her needs.

Maybe it's not her girlfriend. If you aren't good enough for her to be with you without flirting for others you join to ask girlfrifnd how to join or just girlfriend her. I would give her the dating join now. Stop that stupid joining crap? I'm surprised that you're asking these questions. Had she gone to a bar and gotten a lot of site numbers, would you be asking if you were overreacting? Signing up for a dating site is the same thing. Sadly, a lot of people do this when things aren't going well in the relationship as opposed to dating on the problems.

It's selfish and counter girrlfriend. Honestly, if I were you, I girlfriend have discussed it with her calmly and told her that girlfrienx that's what she wants to do, I'm moving on.

Because you didn't believe that you had the site to put your foot down, she takes this as weakness and sites she can do whatever she wants regardless of your feelings. And when someone treats you like that, there's only one way to gain respect back and that's to walk.

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